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Help & FAQs

Help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Price Structure
  • The price listed on our page is Net Price of the product itself. Besides the product price, your Total Cost will consist of several costs including shipping cost, payment service fee, your local import duty, and your local tax. See the following table.

    CostDescriptionPay to / Collect byDetail
    Product PriceLowest Price Guaranteed PolicyMTA DirectClick
    Shipping CostDepending on your Country and Product WeightMTA Direct or
    your own forwarder
    Payment ServiceZero for Credit Card, ACH, and Western Union
    $25 for International Wire Transfer
    MTA DirectClick
    Import DutyVariable, less than 5% mostly
    the ForwarderClick
    VAT or GSTUnimportant (Deductible Input Tax)the ForwarderClick

  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • MTA Direct has strong ability to integrate our resources including factory suppliers and international forwarders. We are confident that our price beats what your local reseller could offer. For products labeling of Lowest Price Guaranteed, we guarantee:

    low price guaranteed

    Product Price - We guarantee that we have the lowest Product Price (net price) publicly available on the internet.

    Overall Cost - Besides guaranteeing the price of product itself, for products whose gross weight is less than 50kgs, we guarantee that your overall cost, which includes Product Price and Air Freight Cost, will match or lower than what you could get from your local resellers or local online machine shops.

    The policy is applicable for buyers of the following countries: United States, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, and United Kingdom

    Our Promise - If you happen to find a better deal no matter from your local reseller or any online machine shop, we guarantee to offer you the same rate.

  • Shipping Options and Costs
  • International Express (TNT/UPS/OCS) offers the fastest, most reliable delivery and is the most popular option among our customers. MTA Direct has long-term contract with several international express including UPS, TNT and OCS that they offer discounted rates if the payment is prepaid by us. The estimated freight cost of each product is automatically calculated and shown under the product page according to the gross weight and to the region/country that you are located. When you checkout, a list of freight cost options offered by each express will be shown according to the total gross weight of your order.

    Service (CIF or DDU Term)Delivery TimeLimitationDelivery RegionRates
    UPS Express Saver (to Door)2 - 4 Days70kgs per CartonWorldwideClick
    TNT Global Express (to Door)2 - 5 Days70kgs per CartonWorldwideClick
    TNT Economy Express (to Door)3 - 8 Days70kgs per CartonMajor CountriesClick
    OCS Express (to Door)3 - 5 Days70kgs per CartonSoutheast AsiaClick

    EMS (Express Mail Service) Service is a more economical option for delivering light weighted parts such as collets or top jaws. Unlike international express service who charges a higher base fee, EMS rate is directly proportional to the gross weight. Please note that EMS is operated by your local post system that sometimes the delivery time is not very stable. Before choosing EMS as your delivery service, please consider the reliability of your local post system.

    Service (CIF Term)Delivery TimeLimitationDelivery RegionRates
    EMS (to Door)5 - 15 Days20 or 30 kgs per CartonWorldwideClick

    Sea Freight - If your purchase quantity is large, using sea freight service is a more economical option since its average cost is lower than that of express services. The sea freight cost will be automatically calculated and shown in the checkout page. Please note that the term we offer is CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight). The customer has to designate his local forwarder/agent to clear the custom, arrange local transportation, and pay the fees in accordance with these local services.

    Service (to Port / CIF Term)Delivery TimeLimitationDelivery Region
    Sea Freight (to Port)20 - 60 DaysUnlimitedWorldwide

    Bulk Order using Air Courier (On Request) - For urgent orders which are with heavier gross weight (100kg or above), our contract forwarders offer special rates. The rates of these services are on request. Please contact us when you place an order.

    Service (CIF or DDU Term)Delivery TimeLimitationDelivery Region
    TNT S87 Air Freight (to Door)4 - 12 Days70kgs per CartonMajor Countries
    UPS Worldwide Expedited (to Door)4 - 7 Days70kgs per CartonMajor Countries

    Using your own Forwarder - If your forwarder/agent offers better rates, you can use your own forwarder/agent to pick up the goods from our facility. Remember to inform us your account number or the contact information of the forwarder/agent when you place us an order.

  • Payment Options and Fees
  • MTA Direct offers the following payment methods:

    MethodsFees / CostsConfirmationPayer's RegionInstruction
    Credit CardFree of ChargeImmediatelyGlobalClick
    After the order is placed online, a credit card payment link will be sent to your email.
    Wire Transfer
    $252 - 4 Working DaysGlobalClick
    A confirmation email including Beneficiary Bank, Bank Address, Swift Code, Account Number, and Beneficiary Name will be sent to you after the order is made. We suggest you to scan us the receipt of your payment to accelerate the order process.
    ACH Transfer
    (US Only)
    Free of Charge3 - 5 Working DaysUS OnlyClick
    A confirmation email including ACH Bank Name, Routing Number (ABA), Account Number, and Beneficiary Name will be sent to you after the order is made. We suggest you to scan us the receipt of your payment to accelerate the order process.
    Paypal BalanceFree of ChargeImmediatelyGlobalClick
    After the order is placed online, a Paypal payment link will be sent to your email.
    Western UnionFree of Charge2 - 4 Working DaysGlobalClick
    A Instruction will be sent to your email after the order is made. We suggest you to scan us the receipt of your payment to accelerate the order process.

  • Duties and Taxes
  • Tax Calculation - When importing an item, you may be charged import duty and sales tax (VAT/GST). For most of the cases, the forwarders (UPS, TNT, etc.) will bill you these duties and taxes when they drop off the parcels. The calculation of import duty and VAT/GST is as follows:

    Import Duty = (Product Price + Shipping Cost) x Duty Rate
    = (Product Price + Shipping Cost + Import Duty) x VAT/GST Rate
    For most of our customers who are VAT registers, VAT/GST does not need to be taken into consideration since the amount of the paid VAT/GST is deductible from their settlement with the tax authorities.
    ExampleImporting a Power Chuck to New Zealand
    Product Price = $800
    TNT Express Cost = $200
    Import Duty Rate for WorkHolders (HS: 84662000) = 5%
    VAT/GST Rate = 15%

    Import Duty = ($800 + $200) x 5% = $50
    VAT/GST = ($800 + $200 + $50) x 15% = $157.5

    Duty Rate and HS Code - You can look up the following table for the import duty rate of your country. Power Chucks, Scroll Chucks, Collet Chucks, Live Centers, Vises, and Clamp Cylinders are classified as Workholders (HS CODE 846620). Hydraulic Cylinders and Pneumatic Cylinders are classified as Cylinders (HS CODE 841221). If your country is not listed on the table, please contact us and we will update it.

    CountryDuty Rate of WorkholdersDuty Rate of Cyliners CountryDuty Rate of WorkholdersDuty Rate of Cyliners
    Argentina14.0%14.0% Australia0.0%5.0%
    Austria1.2%2.7% Belgium1.2%2.7%
    Brazil14.0%14.0% Canada0.0%0.0%
    Czech Republic1.2%2.7% Denmark1.2%2.7%
    Egypt2.0%5.0% Finland1.2%2.7%
    France1.2%2.7% Germany1.2%2.7%
    Greece1.2%2.7% Hungary1.2%2.7%
    India5.0%5.0% Indonesia5.0%5.0%
    Ireland1.2%2.7% Israel10.0%10.0%
    Italy1.2%2.7% Japan0.0%0.0%
    Luxembourg1.2%2.7% Malaysia0.0%0.0%
    Netherlands1.2%2.7% New Zealand5.0%5.0%
    Norway1.2%2.7% Philippines1.0%3.0%
    Poland1.2%2.7% Portugal1.2%2.7%
    Romania1.2%2.7% Russian Federation5.0%7.0%
    Saudi Arabia5.0%5.0% Singapore0.0%0.0%
    Slovakia1.2%2.7% South Africa0.0%0.0%
    Spain1.2%2.7% Sweden1.2%2.7%
    Switzerland1.2%2.7% Thailand1.0%0.0%
    Turkey1.2%2.7% Ukraine2.0%1.0%
    United Arab Emirates5.0%5.0% United Kingdom1.2%2.7%
    Viet Nam0.0%0.0% United States3.7%0.0%

    VAT/GST (Deductible Input Tax) - For most of our customers who are VAT registers, VAT/GST does not need to be taken into consideration since the amount of the paid VAT/GST is deductible from his/her settlement with the tax authorities.

  • Placing an Order - with Registration
  • Placing an Order - without Registration
  • Warranty, Return and Refund Policy
  • Satisfaction Return - We are happy to accept a return if the sold product does not suit your needs. Due to expensive international freight cost, we are unable to absorb the costs of a return that the refund amount will be the amount of your total payment deduct the paid shipping costs and bank fees. See the following table for the detail steps.

    Non-Returnable/Non-Cancelable Items - For products that are with make-to-order sizes such as collets or expanding sleeves, they are non-cancelable, neither returnable nor refundable unless:
    (a) Goods are damaged or faulty due to manufacturer's fault.
    (b) Incorrect goods deliver by us.

    Dead on Arrival - DOA means that upon receiving a product, you discover that the product does not function as what it should do. Under the circumstances, MTA Direct offers a full return of your total payment including the product net price and the shipping cost. See the following table for the detail steps.

    No Product Warranty - Due to expensive international freight cost, MTA Direct offers NO Warranty for the products that we sold (except DOA mentioned above). For most of the products we sell including power chucks, collets chucks, and vises, the only possible product failure is caused by metal wearing. Metal wearing is a slow process that the parts life normally lasts 3 to 10 years. According to our sales records, we have never received any returning request since 2007. Thus, the warranty policy does not need to be taken into consideration when you would like to purchase from MTA Direct.

    Satisfaction Return1. Contact us within 15 days after receiving the product.
    2. Return the product.
    3. MTA Direct examines the returned product.
    4. Get your refund. (minus original shipping costs and bank fees)
    Non-Cancelable Items
    Spring collets, expanding sleeves, and other products
    that are with make-to-order sizes.
    Dead on Arrival1. Contact us within 15 Days after receiving the products.
    2. Return the products.
    3. MTA Direct examines the returned goods.
    4. Get your refund. (full amount)
    No Product WarrantyMTA Direct does not offer a Product Warranty except the product is
    Dead on Arrival (DOA). (see the above description)

  • Privacy Policy / Safety
  • Registration - It is our first priority to protect your information privacy. For the purpose of processing and delivering your orders faster, a registered customers' contact information including his/her name, telephone, company, shipping/billing address, and email address will be kept in our database. These information will be used in this website ONLY and remain CONFIDENTIAL.

    Wih No Registration - For customers who don't want us to keep any of their information, please refer to the topic of Placing an Order without Registeration. You can print an order online and email it to us without leaving any information on our website.

    No Cookies - MTA Direct does not use cookies to track your activity on our website. Instead, we use an osCsid to keep your temporary activity record. See the following topic.

    osCsid - We use a set of id (osCsid) to keep track of your activity when you browse our site that we can know who you are (if you are logged-in) and what is listed in your shopping basket. The osCsid is append to the URL and it looks like "osCsid=aabbccddeeffgghhaabbccddeeffgghh". This osCsid will follow you during your continuous visit. Once you left, the osCsid lasts only for 20 minutes and you will have to log-in again to continue your task. By limiting some your convenience, we increase safety of your account privacy.