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MTA Direct Product Guide
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Work Holding Selections

Selecting the proper work holding device for your machining process affects a lot on key factors, such as machining productivity, finishing quality, labor effort, and operation cost.

MTA Direct offers a complete selection of high quality products to help you improve the workholding ability of your turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and EDM process. Our work holding products are made by leading manufacturers from Taiwan, where is already well-known for having thousands of suppliers who produce high quality machine tools and parts with reasonable price.

Our work holding product line includes:

Power Chuck: The power chuck is the most commonly-seen work holding device on a modern CNC lathe. A power chuck is installed onto the nose of the lathe spindle and actuated by a rotary cylinder which is installed at the rear of the lathe spindle. We offer standard 2-jaw, 3-jaw, and 4-jaw power chucks which are 100% inter changeable with Kitagawa power chucks. Our power chucks are compatible with Kitagawa chucks in quality, accuracy, and duribility.
>>Power Chuck

Collet Chuck: A collet chuck is an alternative work holding device of jaw type power chucks for CNC lathes. Compared to jaw type power chucks, a collet chuck has the following advantages: lower mass, higher operating RPM, higher productivity with shorter stroke, and with shorter work-part size swapping time.
>>Collet Chuck

Expanding Mandrel: A expanding mandrel is the most suitable work holding device for gripping your work-part at inner diameter especially when the production quantity is large.
>>Expanding Mandrel

Rotary Cylinder: The hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders are installed at the rear of the spindle to offer actuation for the above work holding device to release or to grip the work part.
>>Rotary Cylinder

Scroll Chuck: For machining tasks with less work part quantity, a manual scroll chuck might be a ideal work holding device when cost and flexibility are taken into consideration. MTA Direct offers high quality scroll chucks made in Taiwan or low cost scroll chucks made in China to fullfill your requirements. Besides scroll chuck for lathe, we also have super thin scroll chucks which are specially designed for machine centers.
>>Scroll Chuck: made in Taiwan
>>Scroll Chuck: made in China

Stationary Chuck: The stationary power chucks and stationary collet chucks are work holding solutions for work part non-rotating applications like milling process and drilling process. The stationary chucks are with embeded cylinder piston which can be actuated by compressed air or hydraulic oil. The size of these stationary chucks are very compact, allowing you to install more chucks on one table.
>>Stationary Jaw Chuck
>>Stationary Collet Chuck

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