Vise for Machine Centers

We offer a complete selection of machine vise for milling, drilling, tapping process. Our vise products are with angle lock design to minimize work-part lifting and tilting when clamping work-parts. Our milling vise product line includes compact machine vise, mechanic power vise, hydraulic power vise, double lock machine vise, and pneumatic power vise.

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Product Selection Guide

SeriesActuationBase JawForce Booster / Force Presetting
MBManualFixedNone / No
VCPManualChangeableNone / No
VIPManualFixedMechanic / Yes
VSPManualChangeableMechanic / Yes
MPVManualFixedMechanic / Yes
MHVManualFixedHydraulic / Yes
MPV-L/LSManualFixedMechanic / No
MVS (Quick Stroke)PneumaticFixedMechanic / No
MLDManualFixedNone / No

Vise for Machine Centers includes the following Product Series: