2-Jaws Vertical Work Gripper

The MOT-Series 2 Jaw Vertical Work Gripper has a built-in piston cylinder, and it can be operated by pneumatic or hydraulic. The MOT-Series Work Gripper is mostly applied as a work-holder for round parts on machine centers. The MOT Work Gripper is proof of dust or fluid.

1. Compatible with Kitagawa AT Series Work Gripper.
2. Vertical 2-Jaw Work Gripper for machine centers or tapping centers.
3. The Work Gripper has a large through-hole.
4. High rigidity, large clamping force.
5. Dustproof. Cutting-fluid proof.
6. Pneumatic or hydraulic operated.
(Hydraulic operation offers higher gripping force)

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Downloadable PDF Datasheet: PDF

Product Dimension: Click

Product Dimension

Downloadable PDF Datasheet: PDF
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2-Jaws Vertical Work Gripper Dimension