Autogrip Rotary Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder and Pneumatic Cylinder for Power Chuck

Besides high precision power chuck and collet chuck, we also produce high-quality rotary actuators for modern CNC lathe.

A hydraulic cylinder is installed at the rear of the lathe spindle to offer axial actuation to the power chuck or collet chuck to grip and to release the work part. This not only saves human power but also makes it possible to control loading/unloading the work-part in full automation or semi-automation. We offer a complete selection of rotary cylinders to cope with modern CNC lathe machines according to your necessary. Our product line of rotary cylinders includes standard hydraulic cylinders, compact size hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders with extra-large through-hole, low-cost close center hydraulic cylinder, pneumatic cylinder, and etc. Many of our rotary cylinders are interchangeable with Kitagawa rotary cylinders.

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Autogrip Rotary Cylinder includes the following Product Series: