Self-Contained 2/3-Jaws Power Chuck (for Index Tables)

The RTS-Series Pneumatic Power Chuck is specially designed for 4 axis rotary table or index table on the machine-center. Chandox RTS Series chuck has a built-in pneumatic cylinder that can be front-mounted onto the table without any rear actuator.

1. 2-Jaws / 3-Jaws Power Chuck with a built-in pneumatic cylinder.
2. Built-in check valve. (Air does not need to be supplied continuously)
3. Suitable for 4th axis rotary tables or index tables on machine centers.
4. Cutting fluid and dustproof. Long product life.
5. Suitable for light cutting force applications.

Application: 4 Axis Rotary Table on machine center

Self-Contained 2/3-Jaws Power Chuck (for Index Tables) - Image 1

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Product Dimension

Downloadable PDF Datasheet: PDF
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Self-Contained 2/3-Jaws Power Chuck (for Index Tables) Dimension