JN09 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck (Dia. 232mm)

( model aliases : JN09, JN-09 )
JN09 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck (Dia. 232mm)

Price: USD$935

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Product Features / Descriptions

*. 3 Jaw Scroll Chuck
*. Steel chuck body. Solid jaw design.
*. Chuck size: 232mm (9in).
*. Max. RPM 2900.
*. O.D. gripping size: 5-220mm.
*. I.D. gripping size: 62-210mm.

Product Details

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Condition: Brand New
Gross Weight: 24.5 kg

Product Manufacturer: Kitagawa
Product Origin: Japan
Model Aliases: JN09, JN-09

Catalog/Datasheet/Dimension: PDF
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Shipping Cost and Time

Gross Weight: 24.5 kg
Shipping from Taiwan to : United States (US)
ForwarderProductShippingTotalTransit Time
DHLUSD$935USD$305USD$1,2401-2 Days
Fedex PriorityUSD$245USD$1,1801-2 Days
Fedex EconomyUSD$245USD$1,180-
UPS ExpressUSD$515USD$1,4503-5 Days
UPS SaverUSD$475USD$1,4103-5 Days
UPS ExpeditedUSD$450USD$1,3855-7 Days
EMSUSD$475USD$1,4104-5 Days

Custom Duty

Shipping from Taiwan to : United States (US)
HS Code: 846620 (Work Holders)
The Custom Duty Rate is: 4.3%
(The rate is for your reference only. Please check it with your local DHL, UPS, or Fedex)

Product Dimension

Catalog/Datasheet/Dimension: PDF
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JN09 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck (Dia. 232mm) Dimension