Shipping History

Strong N-210A8 Power Chuck
B52 DIN6343 177E Collets – Emergency
JA7-40 Rotary Power ChucksJA7-40 Rotary Power Chucks 2
Howa H01MA6 Power ChuckHowa H01MA6 Power Chuck 2

Howa H01MA6 Power Chuck

Shipping Date: Apr 06, 2022  |  Forwarder: Fedex  |  Destination: Mexico
Items:  H01MA6 Close Center 3 Jaw Power Chuck
Description: Howa H01MA6 Power Chuck is with 90mm flatback bottom flange and 3.0mm 60-degree jaw pitch serration. Howa chucks have unique flange design that these chucks are NOT interchangeable with chucks of other brands.

Strong N-208A5 Power ChuckStrong N-208A5 Power Chuck 2
Strong N-208 Power Chuck (M60xP2)Strong N-208 Power Chuck (M60xP2) 2

Strong N-208 Power Chuck (M60xP2)

Shipping Date: Mar 28th, 2022  |  Forwarder: Fedex  |  Destination: The Netherlands
Items:  N-208 Open Center 3-Jaw Power Chuck (Flatback)
Description: The customer planned to purchase a set of master jaws to repair the old chuck. We suggest the customer take a new chuck since the cost of the master jaws is high compared to buying a new chuck.

RTS-08 Air Chuck for Index TablesRTS-08 Air Chuck for Index Tables 2
DIN6343 B42 Collets Round

DIN6343 B42 Collets Round

Shipping Date: Mar 23rd, 2022  |  Forwarder: DHL  |  Destination: Vietnam
Items:  173E (F48/B42) Index Collet - Round
Description:  DIN6343 B42 Collets are one of the most popular collet models here in Taiwan. Most of the integer sizes and frequently used imperial sizes (like 1/2", 3/4", 1" ....) are frequently in stock.

Autogrip CL-60A8 Collet ChuckAutogrip CL-60A8 Collet Chuck 2

Autogrip CL-60A8 Collet Chuck

Shipping Date: Mar 21st, 2022  |  Forwarder: FedEx  |  Destination: France
Items:  CL-60A8 B60 Power Collet Chuck (A2-8)
Description: Autogrip CL-60A8 is a small chuck with a large bottom flange. The customer has lots of B60 collets and wants to use these collets on their 10 inch CNC lathe.

Chandox RTS-10 Self Contained Air ChuckChandox RTS-10 Self Contained Air Chuck 2
Strong NB208A6 Power Chuck (Blank Draw Nut)Strong NB208A6 Power Chuck (Blank Draw Nut) 2
Kitagawa S1552 Hydraulic CylinderKitagawa S1552 Hydraulic Cylinder 2