Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty, Return, and Refund Policy

Satisfaction Return - We are happy to accept a return if the sold product does not suit your needs. Due to expensive international freight costs, we are unable to absorb the costs of the return. The refund amount will be the amount of your total payment deduct the paid shipping costs and bank fees. See the following table for the detailed return steps.

Non-Returnable/Non-Cancelable Items - For products that are with make-to-order sizes such as collets or expanding sleeves, they are non-cancelable, neither returnable nor refundable, unless:
(a) Goods are damaged or faulty due to the manufacturer's fault.
(b) Incorrect goods delivered by us.

Dead on Arrival - DOA means that upon receiving a product, you discover that the product does not function as it should do. Under the circumstances, MTA Direct offers a full return of your total payment including the product net price and the shipping cost. See the following table for the detailed refund steps.

No Product Warranty - Due to expensive international freight costs, MTA Direct offers NO Warranty for the products that we sold (except DOA situation mentioned above). For most of the products we sell including power chucks, collet chucks, and vise, and others, the only possible product failure is caused by metal wearing. Metal wearing is a slow process that part life normally lasts for 3 to 10 years. According to our sales records, we have never received any returning requests due to product quality since 2010.

Satisfaction Return1. Contact us within 15 days after receiving the product.
2. Return the product.
3. MTA Direct examines the returned product.
4. Get your refund. (minus original shipping costs and bank fees)
Dead on Arrival1. Contact us within 15 days after receiving the products.
2. Return the products.
3. MTA Direct examines the returned goods.
4. Get your refund. (full amount)
No Product WarrantyMTA Direct does not offer a Product Warranty except the product is
Dead on Arrival (DOA). (see the above description)

Price Structure

The price listed on our page is the Net Price of the product itself. Besides the product price, your Total Cost will consist of several costs including shipping cost, payment service fee, your local import duty, and your local tax. See the following table.

CostDescriptionPay to / Collect by
Product PriceMTA Direct
Shipping CostDepending on your Country and Product WeightMTA Direct or
your own forwarder
Payment Service$0 for Credit Card and ACH
$25 for International Wire Transfer
MTA Direct
Import DutyVariable, less than 5% mostlythe Forwarder
VAT or GST(Input Tax Deductible )the Forwarder

Shipping Options and Costs

International Express (FedEx/UPS/TNT) - offers the fastest, most reliable delivery and is the most popular option among our customers. MTA Direct has a long-term contract with several international expresses including FedEx, TNT, and UPS that they offer discounted rates if the payment is prepaid by us. The estimated freight cost of each product is automatically calculated and shown under the product page and cart page according to the gross weight and to the region/country that you are located. When you checkout, a list of freight cost options offered by each express will be shown according to the total gross weight of your order.

ServiceDelivery TimeLimitationDelivery Region
FedEx Intl. PriorityShortNoneWorldwide
FedEx Intl. EconomyMediumNoneWorldwide
TNT Global ExpressShort70kgs per CartonWorldwide
TNT Economy ExpressMedium70kgs per CartonMajor Countries
UPS ExpressVery Short70kgs per CartonWorldwide
UPS SaverShort70kgs per CartonWorldwide
UPS ExpeditedMedium70kgs per CartonWorldwide

EMS (Express Mail Service) Service - is a more economical option for delivering light-weighted parts such as collets or top jaws. Unlike international express service who charges a higher base fee, the EMS rate is directly proportional to the gross weight. Please note that EMS is operated by your local post system that sometimes the delivery time is not very stable. Before choosing EMS as your delivery service, please consider the reliability of your local post system.

Service (CPT Term)Delivery TimeLimitationDelivery Region
EMS (to Door)5 - 15 Days20 or 30 kgs per CartonWorldwide

Sea Freight - If your purchase quantity is large, using sea freight service is a more economical option since its average weight cost is much lower than that of express services. If you like to use sea freight to ship the products, please contact us.

ServiceDelivery TimeLimitationDelivery Region
Sea Freight20 - 60 DaysNoneWorldwide

Bulk Order using Air Courier (On Request) - For urgent orders which are with heavier gross weight (100kg or above), our contract forwarders offer special rates. The rates of these services are on request. Please contact us when you like to place an order.

Service (CPT Term)Delivery TimeLimitationDelivery Region
FedEx Intl Freight (to Door)ShortNoneWorldwide
TNT S87 Air Freight (to Door)5 - 15 Days70kgs per CartonRequest
UPS Pallet (to Door)ShortNoneU.S., Canada, and Mexico