Shipping History

Howa H037M6 (A2-5) Power ChuckHowa H037M6 (A2-5) Power Chuck 2
AMAC HLC-FCM63 Lever Clamp Cylinder
Autogrip VH-2208 Vertical Chuck
Kitagawa S1552 Hydraulic Cylinder (to replace an S1552-15Y)Kitagawa S1552 Hydraulic Cylinder (to replace an S1552-15Y) 2

Kitagawa S1552 Hydraulic Cylinder (to replace an S1552-15Y)

Shipping Date: May 12th, 2022  |  Forwarder: FedEx  |  Destination: Switzerland
Items:  S1552 Open Center Hydraulic Cylinder
Description: S1552 is one of our best-selling models. The customers always like to purchase the same model to replace their failed one ASAP. The old cylinder on the machine is an S1552-15Y (Mazak). After checking the drawings, the customer purchased this S1552 to replace their old S1552-15Y.

Autogrip VH-2210 Vertical ChuckAutogrip VH-2210 Vertical Chuck 2

Autogrip VH-2210 Vertical Chuck

Shipping Date: May 10th, 2022  |  Forwarder: DHL  |  Destination: Canada
Items:  2H-10 Open Center 2-Jaw Power Chuck (Flatback)  |  MOT-10 2-Jaw Vertical Work Gripper (Vertical Chuck)
Description: The customer was planning to purchase a Chandox MOT-10 chuck. Unfortunately, MOT bore size is 52mm which is smaller than what the customer requires. Finally, the customer took Autogrip VH-2210 (2H-210 chuck plus a Stationary Chuck Base) to solve the problem. (VH-2210 bore size is 76mm)

NCS-MT.4 Live Center – Changeable Nose PointsNCS-MT.4 Live Center – Changeable Nose Points 2
Kitagawa S1246 Hydraulic CylinderKitagawa S1246 Hydraulic Cylinder 2
Chandox P1875 Hydraulic Cylinder

Chandox P1875 Hydraulic Cylinder

Shipping Date: May 3rd, 2022  |  Forwarder: DHL  |  Destination: Mexico
Items:  P1875 Open Center Hydraulic Cylinder
Description: Chandox P1875 (and Strong M1875) is the best option to replace a failure Kitagawa S1875 cylinder. The cost of a P1875 is only two-thirds of that of an S1875 cylinder. And the most important of all, P1875 is made by our local vendor that it is almost always in stock.

HOWA HH31C5 Hydraulic CylinderHOWA HH31C5 Hydraulic Cylinder 2
Strong M1875 Hydraulic CylinderStrong M1875 Hydraulic Cylinder 2
Howa H023M10 Power Chuck (2+3 Jaws)Howa H023M10 Power Chuck (2+3 Jaws) 2

Howa H023M10 Power Chuck (2+3 Jaws)

Shipping Date: Apr 25th, 2022  |  Forwarder: FedEx  |  Destination: Netherlands
Items:  H023M10 Open Center 2&3-Jaw Power Chuck (Flatback)
Description: Howa H023M10 is suitable for chucking irregular parts on CNC lathes. The 3 jaws and the 2 jaws can be used to grip different position of the part for different operations without removing the chuck off the machine.

CAF-25 Stationary Collet Chuck