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Kitagawa B206A5 Power Chuck (via eBay)
Chandox SE-02 Scroll Chuck
Kitagawa S-1246 Hydraulic CylinderKitagawa S-1246 Hydraulic Cylinder 2
Chandox OP-205 Power Chuck (M40xP1.5)Chandox OP-205 Power Chuck (M40xP1.5) 2
Strong N-208A5 Power ChuckStrong N-208A5 Power Chuck 2
Strong M1875 Hydraulic Cylinder
AutoGrip 3H-208 Power ChuckAutoGrip 3H-208 Power Chuck 2
Strong M1875 Hydraulic CylinderStrong M1875 Hydraulic Cylinder 2
HOWA HH31C5 Hydraulic CylinderHOWA HH31C5 Hydraulic Cylinder 2
AUTOGRIP CL-42 Collet Chuck and B42 ColletsAUTOGRIP CL-42 Collet Chuck and B42 Collets 2
Strong M1552 Hydraulic CylinderStrong M1552 Hydraulic Cylinder 2
Schaublin W-25 Spring ColletSchaublin W-25 Spring Collet 2

Schaublin W-25 Spring Collet

Shipping Date: Dec 20th, 2022  |  Forwarder: FedEx  |  Destination: Singapore
Items:  5C Collet - Round
Description: The customer has a old Schaublin lathe which uses W-25 collets. They refurbished the machine and we found them these W-25 collets as samples.