Shipping History

Kitagawa S1875 Hydraulic Cylinder and CM18B Coolant Collector
Howa C1TA140 Hydraulic CylinderHowa C1TA140 Hydraulic Cylinder 2

Howa C1TA140 Hydraulic Cylinder

Shipping Date: Jan 17, 2022  |  Forwarder: UPS  |  Destination: U.S.A.
Items:  C1TA140 Open Center Compact Hydraulic Cylinder
Description: The customer's old cylinder is leaking oil and he needs this Howa C1TA140 to replace the old one. UPS offers the fastest delivery. The cylinder was picked up on Jan 17 evening here from Taiwan and will arrive in Wisconsin on Wednesday morning.

Autogrip CL-60A6 and CL-80A8 Collet Chucks
Strong M0928 and M1246 Hydraulic CylinderStrong M0928 and M1246 Hydraulic Cylinder 2
Chandox P1875 Hydraulic Cylinder

Chandox P1875 Hydraulic Cylinder

Shipping Date: Jan 10, 2022  |  Forwarder: DHL  |  Destination: U.S.A.
Items:  P1875 Open Center Hydraulic Cylinder
Description: Chandox P1875 (and Strong M1875) is the best option to replace a failure Kitagawa S1875 cylinder. The cost of a P1875 is only two-thirds of that of an S1875 cylinder. And the most important of all, P1875 is made by our local vendor that it is almost always in stock.

Strong M-1036 Hydraulic Cylinder & CM10B1 Coolant CollectorStrong M-1036 Hydraulic Cylinder & CM10B1 Coolant Collector 2
Kitagawa SS1246K Hydraulic Cylinder
Strong MK-1452 Hydraulic Cylinder + CM15B8Strong MK-1452 Hydraulic Cylinder + CM15B8 2

Strong MK-1452 Hydraulic Cylinder + CM15B8

Shipping Date: Jan 3, 2022  |  Forwarder: UPS  |  Destination: France
Items:  MK1452 Open Center Hydraulic Cylinder  |  CM15B8 Coolant Collector
Description: The customer is looking for a replacement for a failure Samchully SH-15052. Normally we can find an interchangeable yet low cost cylinder in our armory. Unfortunately, SH-15052 has unique installation dimensions. (130mm flange width | 170mm bolt P.C.D | M60xP2.0 drawtube thread). We finally recommend the customer take the MK1452 cylinder to replace the old SH-15052. The only modification is to drill and tap 6-M8 holes on P.C.D. 165mm of the spindle adaptor.

CL-6022 Collet Chuck and B60 ColletsCL-6022 Collet Chuck and B60 Collets 2

CL-6022 Collet Chuck and B60 Collets

Shipping Date: Dec 30, 2021  |  Forwarder: DHL  |  Destination: Bulgaria
Items:  CL-6022 Quick Change Power Collet Chuck (Flatback 220mm)  |  185E (F66/B60) Index Collet - Round
Description: The CL-6022 collet chuck is the last shipping we have before the vacation. The customer will receive the chuck on the first working day of 2022. CL-6022 collet chuck works with B60 collets, and the chuck bottom is 220mm flat back. This combination is rarely seen since 220mm spindle nose is mostly for 10-inch or 12-inch chucks. I guess the customer has lots of B60 collets which is more available and more cost-effective than B80 collets.

Howa HH4C100 Hydro CylinderHowa HH4C100 Hydro Cylinder 2
JAS-40 Stationary Chuck
Strong CM18BK Coolant Collector

Strong CM18BK Coolant Collector

Shipping Date: Dec 16, 2021  |  Forwarder: FedEx  |  Destination: U.S.
Items:  CM18BK Coolant Collector
Description: The customer purchased the Strong CM18BK coolant collector to replace an old one installed on a Kitagawa SS1881K hydraulic cylinder.

Kitagawa B-15 Power Chuck
Howa H037M10-A8 Power Chuck (M85xP2.0)Howa H037M10-A8 Power Chuck (M85xP2.0) 2

Howa H037M10-A8 Power Chuck (M85xP2.0)

Shipping Date: Dec 13, 2021  |  Forwarder: Fedex  |  Destination: U.K.
Items:  H037M10-A8 Open Center 3 Jaw Power Chuck (A2-8)
Description: Howa chucks and cylinders are very popular this month. Howa chucks have unique installation designs and are not interchangeable with chucks of other brands. Most of our customers purchase Howa chucks to replace the old one on their machine. We stock most of the frequently used models like H037M/H3KT/C1TA/HH4C/H01MA, and DHL/UPS/FedEx can deliver these parts to the destination within a week.

Chandox MO-08 Vertical Chucks
Strong M1875 Hydraulic CylinderStrong M1875 Hydraulic Cylinder 2

Strong M1875 Hydraulic Cylinder

Shipping Date: Dec 09, 2021  |  Forwarder: DHL  |  Destination: New Zealand
Items:  M1875 Open Center Hydraulic Cylinder
Description: M1875 cylinder is quite popular this week. The customer purchases this cylinder to replace an old M1875 on their machine. The dimensions and specifications of Strong M1875 are identical to that of the famous Kitagawa S1875 cylinder. Thus, many customers choose to buy M1875 when the old S1875 on their machine fails.

Strong V-208 Power ChuckStrong V-208 Power Chuck 2

Strong V-208 Power Chuck

Shipping Date: Dec 09, 2021  |  Forwarder: UPS  |  Destination: Canada
Items:  V-208A6 Close Center 3-Jaw Power Chuck (A2-6)
Description: Because the long vacation is coming, we let UPS pick up the chucks directly from the factory inventory to save some forwarding time. All of the international forwarders are facing traffic delays this and next week.

JATO JA7-40 Rotary Power ChuckJATO JA7-40 Rotary Power Chuck 2

JATO JA7-40 Rotary Power Chuck

Shipping Date: Dec 08, 2021  |  Forwarder: DHL  |  Destination: U.S.
Items:  JA7-40 Self-Contained Power Chuck - Pneumatic  |  C-40 Jaw Pad - Round
Description: JATO's Rotary Power Chuck is quite a unique product. It has a built-in pneumatic rotary actuator that the customer does not need to purchase an extra rotary cylinder. The customer takes JA7-40 chucks to build special purpose machines to trim, thread, and cut aluminum tubes.

Howa HH4C Hydraulic CylinderHowa HH4C Hydraulic Cylinder 2

Howa HH4C Hydraulic Cylinder

Shipping Date: Dec 07, 2021  |  Forwarder: DHL  |  Destination: Thailand
Items:  HH4C100 Close Center Hydraulic Cylinder
Description: We frequently have HH4C63, HH4C100, and HH4C140 cylinders in stock. Before delivering the products, we need one more working day to apply some official documents to re-export Japanese (Howa and Kitagawa) chucks and cylinders.

Strong M1875 Hydraulic CylinderStrong M1875 Hydraulic Cylinder 2

Strong M1875 Hydraulic Cylinder

Shipping Date: Dec 06, 2021  |  Forwarder: DHL  |  Destination: Finland
Items:  M1875 Open Center Hydraulic Cylinder
Description: Since November of 2021, the stock status of Strong chucks and cylinders has become more available. The M1875 cylinder is in stock. DHL needs a whole week to send the cylinder from Taiwan to Northern Europe.