Autogrip Power Chuck

We offer a complete power chuck product line including 3 jaw power chucks and 4 jaw power chuck in open-center (with through-hole) or close-center (without through-hole). The jaw-type power chucks are the most commonly seen work holding device on a modern CNC lathe. The hydraulic power chuck is installed onto the spindle and is actuated by a rear hydraulic cylinder to grip or to release the work part. 3 jaw power chuck is the most popular model for round work part work holding. 2 jaw power chuck and 4 jaw power chucks are used to grip work part with irregular out shape. Besides the standard product line, we also offer special power chuck such as long stoke power chuck, power chuck with extra-large through-hole, power chuck with extra diameter, power chuck for vertical turning process. The listed products are made by Taiwan Top suppliers. Most of our power chucks are inter-changeable with Kitagawa power chuck or Rohm power chuck in installation and performance.

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Almost all sizes of Strong power chucks and cylinders are in stock,
especially for power chucks in 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15 inch diameter and their corresponding hydraulic cylinders.

Power Chuck Selection Guide

ModelJaw NumbersThrough HoleSpecial Features
3H3 JawsYesExtra Large Bore
3P3 JawsNoStandard Design
2H2 JawsYesStandard Design
2P2 JawsNoStandard Design
4H4 JawsYesStandard Design
3L3 JawsYesExtra Long Jaw Stroke - Crank Style
3M3 JawsNoExtra Long Jaw Stroke

Cylinder Selection Guide

ModelFluidThrough HoleFeatures
TKHydraulicExtra LargeStandard Model / built-in check valve
RHHydraulicNoStandard Model / with no Safety Valve
RAPneumaticNoStandard Model / with no Safety Valve

Autogrip Power Chuck includes the following Product Series: