Coolant Collector

Coolant Collector for Hydraulic Cylinders of Kitagawa, Auto Strong, Chandox, Howa, and Autogrip.
*. Proximity Switches are Not Included
*. Dectection Plate is Not Included

Howa Cylinder Coolant CollectorRequest
Autogrip Cylinder Coolant CollectorRequest

Product Matching Reference Table

Coolant Collector Kitagawa CylinderStrong CylinderChandox Cylinder
CM10B1M1036 / M1038P1036 / F1036S
CM12BS1246 / SS1246KM1236 / M1246 / MK1246 / MK1246FP1246 / F1246S / PA1246
CM15B8S1552 / SS1452KM1546 / M1552 / MK1452 / MK1452FP1552 / F1552S / PA1452
CM18BS1875 / SS1775KM1768 / M1868 / M1870 / M1875
M1878 / MK1768 / MK1775 / MK1778
P1875 / P1878 / F1875S / PA1775
CM20BS2091M2078 / M2085 / M2091P2091 / P2093

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Downloadable Datasheet: PDF
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Coolant Collector Dimension