C-90 Harden Jaw Pads

C-90 Harden Jaw Pad Ordering Process:
1. Add the collet to the shopping cart.
2. Increase the quantity if multiple collets are required.
3. Specify the required collet size and quantity when checking out.
(by filling up the comment column on the checkout page)

Or, simply send us a mail and let us know what you need. (sales@mta-direct.com)

C-90 Harden Jaw Pad Characteristic:
*. For JATO JH9-90 Rotary Power Chucks.
*. Important dimensions are ground.
*. Made of hardened SUJ2 steel.

Available Sizes and Lead-time

UnitMetric (Integer)Metric (Decimal)ImperialMetric/ImperialMetric/Imperial
Lead-time15 Working Days15 Working Days15 Working Days20 Working Days20 Working Days
Available Sizes10.0 to 88.0mm10.0 to 88.0mm3/8" to 3-7/16"15.0 to 60.0mm15.0 to 72.0mm

Contact us via Email: sales@mta-direct.com

Downloadable PDF Datasheet: PDF