Pneumatic Lever Clamp Cylinder (Link Clamp)

AMAC is Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of swing clamp cylinders and lever clamp cylinders (link clamp cylinders). Our swing clamp cylinders, lever clamp cylinders, and link clamp cylinders are installed and operated on tens of thousands of machine centers, tapping centers, and special purpose machines in Taiwan, China, and South East Asia. We are also an OEM/ODM supplier of some world-known brands in the EU and US. The listed products feature not only at a reasonable cost but also with world class quality and durability.

The lever clamp cylinders (link clamp cylinders) are designed for auto or semi-auto work holding for work-parts with regular or irregular out shapes (For example multi-spindle drilling process on engine shells. See the following figure.). The lever clamp cylinders are actuated by hydraulic oil (or compressed air) to clamp the work part, this reduces loading/unloading time and increases productivity.

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Clamping Movement

The ALC swing clamp cylinder is a double-acting cylinder: one inlet port for closing and one for opening. When the clamp cylinder is actuated, the piston is pushed upwards and brings the clamp arm to move downwards and inwards to clamp the work part. See the following animation.

Pneumatic Lever Clamp Cylinder (Link Clamp) - Image 1Pneumatic Lever Clamp Cylinder (Link Clamp) - Image 2

*. Model ALC-MS (bottom flange/manifold) has built-in magnetic induction to work with sensors.
*. All the lever clamp cylinders are shipped with a clamping arm of standard length.
*. Clamping arms with extended length are available upon request.
*. Cylinder body material: carbon steel.

Pneumatic Lever Clamp Cylinder (Link Clamp) - Image 3

Pneumatic Lever Clamp Cylinder (Link Clamp) includes the following Product Series: