Tool Length Setter

The Tool Length Setter helps the CNC operator to measure the length offset between all the tools in his tool magazine. There are many ways to determine the tool length offset between tooltips, the following diagram shows you one of these methods by using a Tool Length Setter.

Tool Length Setter - Image 1

1. Move T1 Tool from the machine reference point down onto the pad or tip of the Tool Length Setter until the indicator needle goes to zero (indicator model: ZIP/ZOV) or the LED lights up (optical model: ZOP).
2. Record the T1 traveling shown on the control panel as Z1.
3. Move the T1 upward to the machine reference point. Change to T2 tool.
4. Repeat what we did in Step 1 and get the T2 tool traveling Z2.
5. Now we get the tool length offset between T1 and T2 will be Z1-Z2.
6. Repeat (Step3 to Step5) to get tool length to offset data for all the tools in your tool magazine.

ZOP-50 Optical Tool Length Setter

Tool Length Setter - Image 2

*. Height: 50mm +/- 0.005mm (Recalibratable).
*. Built-in magnetic base for quick set up.
*. The LED lights up when the plunger reaches zero points: 0.005mm accuracy.
*. Net weight: 0.64kgs.

ZOP-50 Optical Tool Length Setter

Tool Length Setter - Image 3

*. Height: 50mm +/- 0.005mm.
*. ZIP-50A is with higher indicator sensitivity. Suitable for applications with very critical tool length requirement.
*. Net weight: ZIP-50 1.08kgs / ZOV-50 1.66kgs / ZIP-50A 1.22kgs

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