Work Supports

The HSP/LSP Work Support adds rigidity to the work part when machining. This supporting eliminates deformation and vibration which are caused by a machining force acting on the work part with insufficient rigidity. Refer to the following figure, the work support will adjust its height to the contour of the work part, then the input hydraulic pressure will lock the plunger in position to offer supporting force. According to different jig designs, HSP/LSP Work Supports can work with Hydro/Air Swing Clamps, Hydro/Air Lever Clamps, and Manual Clamps.

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Work Supports - Image 1

Model HSP/SPHigh-Pressure Hydraulic Work Support
*. Minimum operating pressure: 100kg/cm2.
*. With a compact size and allows a more compact jig pallet design.
Model LSPLow-Pressure Hydraulic Work Support
*. Operating pressure range: 10-70 kg/cm2.
*. Offering high supporting force under regular hydraulic pressure.

Spring Ejected Type (A-Type) and Hydraulic Ejected Type (B-Type)

According to different work part loading methods, there are 2 types of work supports are available for different jig design: the Spring Ejected Type (A-Type) and the Hydraulic Ejected Type (B-Type).

Work Supports - Image 2

(A-Type) Spring Ejected Type (HSP-16A1 / SP-25A / SP-M25A / .....): The operator loads the work part downward to depress the spring embedded in the HSP/LSP Work Support, the work support adjusts its height to the contour of the work part. Then we switch on the pressure to lock the work support as rigid support to the work part.

(B-Type) Hydraulic Ejected Type (HSP-16B1 / SP-25B / SP-M25B / .....): The plunger of the B type work support is in the retracted position as a default position to allow an unobstructed work part loading. The operator loads the work part, then he/she switches on the pressure to move the plunger upward. When the plunger touches the work-part, the work support locks up as rigid support to the work part.

Work Supports includes the following Product Series: