Chandox Power Chuck

We offer a complete power chuck product line of Chandox. Chandox is one of the largest power chuck manufacturers here in Taiwan. Chandox Chucks offer a great level of precision, product quality, and durability.

When you place us an order for Chandox power chucks or hydraulic cylinders, the product mostly will be picked up directly from Chandox’s facility where stocks almost all jaw-numbers and all sizes of products, especially for power chucks in 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15 inch diameter and their matching hydraulic cylinders.

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Power Chuck Selection Guide

ModelJaw NumbersThrough HoleSpecial Features
OP3 JawYesStandard Design
OP-L3 JawYesLong Stroke (Wedge Hook)
OPB3 JawYesExtra Large Through Hole
EL3 JawYesExtra Large Stroke (Crank Style)
CL3 JawNoStandard Design
CL-DP3 JawNoLarge Size Chuck
VL-DP3 JawNoVertical Lathe Application
PL3 JawNoPull Back and Close
OPT2 JawYesStandard Design
OPBT2 JawYesExtra Large Through Hole
OPT-L2 JawYesLong Stroke (Wedge Hook)
ELT2 JawYesExtra Large Stroke (Crank Style)
CLT2 JawNoStandard Design
OPF4 JawYesStandard Design
OPBF4 JawYesExtra Large Through Hole

Hydraulic Cylinder Selection Guide

ModelThrough HoleSafety Check ValveSpecial Features
P SeriesOpen CenterYesStandard Design
F-S SeriesOpen CenterYesCompact Size
PA SeriesOpen CenterYesSuper Compact
P-S SeriesExtra Large BoreYesCompact Size / Extra Large Bore
L SeriesClose CenterNoStandard Design / Low Cost
L-R SeriesClose CenterYesStandard Design
L-RE SeriesClose CenterYesBracket for Sensors
L-RC SeriesClose CenterYesCoolant Through
LS-RE SeriesClose CenterYesCompact Size / Sensor Brackets
LS-REA SeriesClose CenterYesCompact Size / Air Through

Chandox Power Chuck includes the following Product Series: