PL 3-Jaws Pull Back Power Chuck

The PL Series Pull Back Power Chuck offers greater chucking rigidity than regular wedge-hook 3 jaw power chucks. The jaw movement of the PL Power Chuck not only closes radially but also pulls the work-part backward to the face of the chuck. This offers higher chucking rigidity and stability for heavy-duty machining. Since the work-part is pulled back to the chuck surface axially, there will be no axial movement of the work-part especially when it endures heavy cutting force, this makes the PL Series Power Chuck very suitable as a work-holder for forging parts or casting parts under heavy cutting process.

1. 3-Jaws Pull Back Power Chuck.
2. Jaw movement: close and pull backward simultaneously.
3. High rigidity, high accuracy.
4. Suitable for heavy cutting of forging parts or casting parts.

Package Includes
*. 1 Set of Top Jaws
*. 1 Set of Mounting Bolts

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Product Dimension

Downloadable Datasheet: PDF
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PL 3-Jaws Pull Back Power Chuck Dimension