CPB Series Pull-Back Collet Chuck (5C/16C)

CPB Pull Back Collet Chuck adopts 5C collet (max. capacity 26mm) or 16C collet (max. capacity 40mm). The CPB collet chuck has models for direct mounting onto A2 spindle nose. The CPB chuck body is hardened and is fine ground to gain high accuracy and long durability. We offer a blank draw-nut shipped with CPD Chuck. You can thread the draw-nut according to your draw bar dimension then install it onto the chuck body before installing the whole chuck onto the spindle.

*. Kitagawa reference model: DEL Pull Back Collet Chuck.
*. 5C and 16C pull back collet chuck.
*. Chucking accuracy of 0.020mm (regular spring collet).
*. Chucking accuracy 0.010mm (selected precision spring collet).
*. Suitable for CNC lathe or other special-purpose machines.

Package Includes:
*. A blank or threaded draw-nut.
*. Mounting bolts.
*. Collet wrench.

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Product Dimension

Downloadable Datasheet: PDF
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CPB Series Pull-Back Collet Chuck (5C/16C) Dimension