H01MA - 3 Jaw - Close Center

The original HOWA H01MA Series Close Centre Power Chuck is the most popular power chuck model for modern CNC lathes. The H01MA power chuck is made of high-grade alloy steel and all its sliding parts are hardened and precisely ground. We now offer H01MA Chuck from 4″ to 12″.

1. Flatback Mounting.
2. Made in Japan.
3. 3-Jaws high-speed close center power chuck.
4. Large clamping force.
5. High rigidity, high accuracy.

Package Includes
*. 1 Set of Top Jaws
*. 1 Set of T-Nuts
*. 1 Set of Mounting Bolts

Top Jaw Serration
1.5mm x 60 degree: H01MA4 / H01MA5 / H01MA6S / H01MA8S / H01MA10S / H01MA12S
3.0mm x 60 degree: H01MA6 / H01MA8 / H01MA10 / H01MA12

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Product Dimension

Downloadable Datasheet: PDF
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H01MA - 3 Jaw - Close Center Dimension