HOWA Power Chuck

Howa is one of the world’s most famous power chuck manufacturers. Howa power chucks offer the highest standard of quality, accuracy, and durability.

While you place us an order to replace a failed power chuck or a hydraulic cylinder on your machine, the product will be picked up the very first time we receive your order (considering the time zone difference, it will be on our next working day). UPS or FedEx then needs 2-3 working days (US/Canada) to send the replacement from us to your address. For example, if the order is placed on your Monday, the product arrives on Wednesday afternoon.

You can see the exact delivery date of different forwarder’s options by adding an item to the cart.

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Regular Models - Wedge Hook Style

ModelJaw NumbersThrough HoleFeatures
H3KT3 JawsYesKitagawa Style
H037M3 JawsYesStandard Design
H01MA3 JawsNoStandard Design Flat Back Mounting
H01MA-AJ3 JawsNoStandard Design JIS A2 Mounting
H3KS3 JawsNoFlat Back Mounting (Kitagawa Style)
H032M3 JawsYesUltra Long Stroke - Crank Type
H022M3 JawsNoLong Stroke
H034M2 JawsYesStandard Design
H024M2 JawsNoLong Stroke

Special Models

ModelJaw NumbersThrough HoleSpecial Features
H011MC3 JawsNoO.D. Pull Lock Chuck
H013M3 JawsNoI.D. Pull Lock Chuck
H05M3 JawsNoCompensating Chuck
(for Eccentric parts)
H055M3 JawsNoCompensating Chuck
(for Eccentric parts)
H023M2 + 3 JawsYes2 Jaws + 3 Jaws
H018M3 JawsYesQuick Jaw Change
H021MB3 JawsNoCrank Lever Mechanism:
suitable for thin or fragile parts

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

ModelFluidThrough HoleFeatures
C1TAHydraulicYesStandard Model
HH4CHydraulicNoStandard Model / without Safey Valve
HH4CBHydraulicNoStandard Model / with Safey Valve
H05CHPneumaticNoStandard Model / without Safey Valve
H05CHBPneumaticNoStandard Model / with Safey Valve
H06CPneumaticNowith Coolant Passage
HH31CHydraulicYesFor 4/5 inch Power Chucks
C1SBHydraulicYesCompact Size / with Coolant Passage

HOWA Power Chuck includes the following Product Series: