H01MA-AJ - 3 Jaw - Close Center

The original HOWA H01MA-AJ Series Close Centre Power Chuck is the most popular power chuck model for modern CNC lathes. The H01MA-AJ power chuck is made of high-grade alloy steel and all its sliding parts are harden and precisely ground. We now offer H01MA Chuck from 6″ to 24″.

1. A2 Style Mounting.
2. Made in Japan.
3. 3-Jaws high-speed close center power chuck.
4. Large clamping force.
5. High rigidity, high accuracy.

Package Includes
*. 1 Set of Top Jaws
*. 1 Set of T-Nuts
*. 1 Set of Mounting Bolts

Top Jaw Serration
1.5mm x 60 degrees: H01MA6S-A5J / H01MA8S-A6J / H01MA10S-A6J / H01MA10S-A8J / H01MA12S-A8J
3.0mm x 60 degrees: H01MA8-A6J / H01MA10-A6J / H01MA10-A8J / H01MA12-A8J / H01MA15-A8J
                           H01MA15-A11J / H01MA18-A11J / H01MA21-A11J / H01MA24-A11J

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Product Dimension

Downloadable Datasheet: PDF
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H01MA-AJ - 3 Jaw - Close Center Dimension