H021MB Power Change Chuck

HOWA H021MB Power Chuck has a crank lever as its gripping force transmitting mechanism. Comparing to a regular wedge-hook power chuck, H021MB’s crank lever mechanism has very low static friction that the output gripping force is very sensitive to the input actuating force. Therefore, H021MB Power Chuck is ideal for gripping fragile and thin work-parts that require low and delicate gripping force.

The gripping force of H021MB Power Chuck is proportional to the input force from the hydraulic cylinder that the gripping force is adjustable even when the spindle is in operation. A common application of this feature is to apply lower hydraulic pressure when the spindle RPM is low. As the RPM gets higher, you gradually increase hydraulic pressure to counter the centrifugal force caused by the mass of the top jaws.

*. Crank Lever design as H021MB power transmitting mechanism.
*. Low transmitting friction.
*. The output force is proportional to its input force.
*. Ideal for gripping fragile or thin work-parts.

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Product Dimension

Downloadable Datasheet: PDF
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H021MB Power Change Chuck Dimension