H032M - 3 Jaw - Open Center - Extra Long Stroke

HOWA H032M 3 Jaw Crank Type Open Center Power Chuck with Extra Long Jaw Stroke.

H032M Power Chuck adopts crank type design that has a very longer jaw stroke than the regular H037 series, H01MA series, H3KT series, and even H022M series (Solid Long Stroke Chuck).

Besides its long jaw stroke, H032M is able to grip work-parts with uneven surface conditions.

*. H032M6: 6″ Power Chuck: 32.0mm Jaw Stroke in diameter / 21mm through hole
*. H032M8: 8″ Power Chuck: 40.0mm Jaw Stroke in diameter / 36mm through hole
*. H032M10: 10″ Power Chuck: 42.0mm Jaw Stroke in diameter / 55mm through hole
*. H032M12: 12″ Power Chuck: 50.0mm Jaw Stroke in diameter / 62mm through hole

Package Includes
*. 1 Set of Top Jaws
*. 1 Set of T-Nuts
*. 1 Set of Mounting Bolts

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Product Dimension

Downloadable Datasheet: PDF
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H032M - 3 Jaw - Open Center - Extra Long Stroke Dimension